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eComStation allows IBM OS/2 and DOS users to run their existing programs on today's hardware

eComStation is a highly efficient operating system that truly flies on today’s powerful computers, and works great on legacy hardware. The minimal resource requirements extend the life of your IT environment, offering a greater return on your investment in computer hardware.

eComStation interoperates with Windows, Linux and NetWare. It also offers excellent compatibility with DOS, Java and OS/2 applications. You can safely share your ADSL, cable or ISDN Internet connection with up to 253 PCs by using the built-in firewall. And, all of this comes packaged with an easy to use GUI.

eComStation installs directly from CD on modern hardware like AMD Athlon64 based computers, large SATA harddrives and supports a host of network-, sound- and videocards out of the box

eComStation is fully OS/2 compatible and will run your existing OS/2 applications!

 Porquê o eComStation?



  • There is hardly any computer virus that can cause damage to eComStation. Viruses that end up on an eComStation system are, in almost all cases, completely harmless. As a result you don't need to purchase an expensive anti virus program. (An anti virus program is included though.)
  • With eComStation you are protected against hackers on the Internet, because most TCP/IP ports are closed by default in eComStation against external attacks. And the integrated firewall can be activated for extra security.



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